A very smooth dark stout with hints of coffee, hazelnut and chocolate, it has a very dark texture; impenetrable obscurity with a smooth and creamy taste. Its foamy head is reminiscent of cappuccino. Its palate prolongs into a slightly bitter taste with hints of roasted grains. It was awarded a 5-star rating by beer expert Mario D'Eer. Served at 6o C, it is one of the very best dark ales in Québec, and maybe even worldwide. The St-Antoine honours the patron saint of the Lac Bouchette Hermitage, in the homeland of our microbrewery's founder... 5.5 %.


Potent Scotch ale with brown colouring tinted with reddish sheen, it is strong-tasting with a persistent roasted cereal aroma. The powerful presence of hops and grains is tastefully refined. It has become the proud flag bearer of Tour à Bières brewing know-how. Its dark and creamy texture makes it the preferred choice of connoisseurs. A beer with character for people with character! It was named in honour of Peter McLeod, an intrepid Scottish adventurer considered to be one of the founders of Chicoutimi... 7 %.