This lightly malted pale ale has a nice mellow flavour. The American yeast used in brewing provides a smooth finish, clean and well balanced. The light taste of this beer quickly vanishes to leave in its trail a subtle hint of bitterness... 5 %. Available in 58.6, 30 and 20 litre kegs.
Saguenéenne lager
A lighter, very enjoyable version of the original Saguenéenne... 4.5 %. Available in 58.6 litre format.
Amber-coloured pale ale with a lingering hint of bitterness. Its light fruity flavour is reminiscent of select European beers. When mature, it is both exuberant and full bodied. Named in honour of Victor Delamarre, it truly symbolizes the power of the late strongman. Victor: easy drinking but strong... 6.5 %. Available in 58.6 litre format.
Pale ale with strong amber tones and a hint of hops. Its light fruity taste is reminiscent of select English ales. This ale is very popular among Tour à Bières regulars. With ageing it develops aromas that are sure to please the most demanding palates. It was named in homage to renowned Chicoutimi businessman and builder J.E.A. Dubuc... 5 %. Available in 58.6, 30 and 20 litre kegs (not available in 10 litre format).
Cap Trinité
With 5.5 % alcohol content, this ale needs a few months of ageing to reach full-bodied taste. Upon maturing, it acquires golden colouring, the smooth taste of cereals, and a pleasant suggestion of hops. The brewing process requires a type of European specialty yeast that is difficult to find, meaning that this ale is rarely available. Its name is reminiscent of the breathtaking view of Cap Trinité (Trinity Cape) on the Saguenay Fjord.
Occasionally available in 58.6 litre format.
Montagnaise (IPA)
Amber-coloured, highly hopped beer. Its potent, full-bodied taste leaves an unforgettable sensation on the palate. Its exuberant character will not fade over time. "It is brewed for endurance", with a view to pleasing those who enjoy the true taste of India Pale Ales and their bitter finish. Originally developed for British nationals in India, IPAs were strongly hopped and brewed at higher density to better withstand the voyage from England... 5.5 %. Available in 58.6 litre format.