This red ale emanates a light caramel aroma. In addition to the impeccably controlled ratio of dark malt, this ale possesses a velvety smooth, creamy texture. An easy drinking, very mellifluous beer with a cloudy aspect, it opens with the smooth taste of caramelized wheat and leaves behind refreshing traces of bitterness. It bears the name of a regional major production... 5 %. Available in 58.6, 30 and 20 litre kegs.
Rousse de l’écluse
Red ale with alluring texture and mature taste. Available in 58.6 litre format.
Generous, full-bodied red ale... 5 %. It was developed to recall the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean floods of 1996. Available in 58.6 litre format.
Potent tasting Scotch ale... 5 %. It was named in reminiscence of the Lac Bouchette covered bridge. Available in 58.6 litre format.